Color Coated Production Line
Color-coated coil plate: is the products coated steel sheet (galvanized, zincalumed, cold plate, etc.) after surface chemical treatment (degreasing, phosphating, and chromium hydrochloric acid passivation) and coated (roller) with coatings, again baking to forming.
1. Advanced continuous roll coating process, double-sided baking coating, and technology is mature and reliable.
2. Pretreatment with continuous alkali circulating spray and brushing,multi-stage circulating water spray and fresh water spray, to enhance the cleaning the strip surface to ensure paint adhesion.
3。 Advanced environmental friendly processing liquid, with the high accuracy coating machine, guarantee the coating performance and quality。
4。 The coating machine equipped with a pressure sensor precisely display the roller pressure, It can do the coating operation forward and backward way, precise control the coating thickness to 1 micron, in order to adapt to various product needs。
5. Coating curing oven with thermal insulation effect good multilayer labyrinth structure, equipped with VOC incineration and perfect and fine heat recovery utilization device with national emission standard.
6。 The control system adopts vector motor variable frequency speed regulation, real time parameter monitoring technology and other computer control system, and the equipment runs safely and stably。
7. Introduced intelligent production and energy management system and configuration multiple fine adjustment energy saving production control technology and equipment.
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