Pickling Production Line 
Pickling is a critical procedure of production process in hot strip pickling.
The acid lotion to wash up strip surface to generate chemical reaction and physical impact to scale off from the strip surface, after that the ideal steel surface is done to facilitate the subsequent processing of strip。
XinYu introduced the advanced shallow channel push-draw turbulence pickling unit into the production progress, to improve the production efficiency, lower the production costs. This unit is easy to operate with low operation trouble.
1. Using a more efficient way of using double coils, which can effectively improve the rate of equipment
2. Set stitch machine, improve the production of thin strip of capacity
3。 Use the advanced technology of s shallow channel push-draw turbulence pickling with high efficiency is high and good effect。
4. Use the electrostatic oiling device, coating in even thickness, save oil quantity.
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