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    Add:Nanhe Industrial Park, Tianjin Xiqing District
 Tianjin HaoYu Century Import and Export Co. Ltd.

Tianjin HaoYu Century Import and Export Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianjin XinYu Color Plate Co.Ltd. established in 2005, HaoYu is located in Tianjin Nanhe Industrial Park, a few miles away from XinYu company. HaoYu is an import and export trading company based on “Tianjin XinYu Color Plate Company” sales product like: color coated coil steel, zincalume plate, galvanized steel strip( GI STRIP), black annealed strip etc.

Since the establishment of the company, the sales of the products from a single market in Southeast Asia gradually extended to Europe, South America, Africa etc.. According to, different technology requirements for international products,we could produce other foreign standards in accordance with the American Standard, European standard, Japanese standard etc. for export.

With the spirit of fair cooperation, quality first and credibility oriented, we have won the trust of foreign customers, and established a long-term trade relationship with many guests. We have the greatest sincerity to cooperate with you!

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