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Last year the global direct reduction of iron production fel

Direct reduction technology company Meade Rex (Midrex) recently released data show that in 2014 the global direct reduction of iron was 74500000 tons, compared with a slight decline in the previous year's 74900000 tons。 Meade Rex attributed this to the shortage of natural gas supply in India, as well as the overall environment of the steel market has led to a number of direct reduction of iron production operations in the region into a disruption。
Direct reduction of iron production in North America and the Middle East last year, mainly due to the strong demand for direct reduction of iron in these two areas, and to obtain a low cost of natural gas。 However, some of the world's other major direct reduction iron production areas are subject to economic and political aspects of the negative impact。 Libya is still under the influence of national control and resource contention, Egypt has not yet fully recovered from the political turmoil, Iran continues to be subject to Western sanctions。
Due to the impact of industrial nationalization and other political and economic factors, the direct reduction of iron production in Venezuela is still faced with great difficulties. As once the world's largest direct reduction of iron production, Venezuela's direct reduction of iron production in 2014 has dropped to 1700000 tons, less than the peak level of 9000000 tons in 2005.
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